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Emergency Orthodontic Care Warren & Southgate MI

Emergency Orthodontic Care

Although orthodontic emergencies are rare, they can still occur. Furthermore, when they do happen, they can quickly pose a threat to you or your children's well-being. While these orthodontic emergencies can be uncommon, it is still essential to seek out prompt treatment for them.

Orthodontic emergencies can range in severity, and some problems are relatively mild. There are other issues that can leave lasting damage if not immediately treated. These issues can include trauma, teeth injury, swollen or bleeding gums, and unbearable pain. If the patient experiences any of these urgent orthodontic issues, then they may be experiencing an orthodontic emergency, which may require our immediate attention.

In such situations, we here at All About Orthodontics strongly encourages you to seek immediate treatment at either our Warren or Southgate MI locations as soon as possible to help minimize the risk of serious complications and lasting damage to your mouth.

Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Broken Braces or Wires

In case of broken or loose braces, it is advised to try and not touch it until your scheduled appointment. Until then, it is best to keep any broken or loose part of the braces in a secured place.

In the event of discomfort caused by metal appliances, our professionals may offer recommendations on how to minimize this discomfort until your appointment with us. However, if you find yourself unsuccessful in solving the problem after trying our advice, then let us know right away.

Loose or Missing Ligatures

Loose appliances can also damage your mouth during treatment.

For example, archwires, the thin metal wire running through braces, can shift while teeth are moving and poke your mouth. Other parts of the appliances may also come loose, which can poke and irritate skin inside the cheeks and gums. Always call our Warren or Southgate offices when you are unsure of how to solve the issue yourself.

Mouth Sores or Irritations

If patients have a broken wire which is jutting out and poking them in the mouth, they can take a small bit of wax and place it on the end until they can be seen by a professional.

Discomfort or Soreness

Minor toothaches or similar discomfort can be a common occurrence during orthodontic treatment, and we can advise you on how to reduce it.

Dealing with Orthodontic Emergencies at Home

Minor emergencies are the most common orthodontic emergency, which in itself is actually fairly rare. Minor emergencies may not warrant an immediate appointment, but it is best to reach out to us first to determine whether you may require a same-day appointment at our office.

Depending on the severity of the situation, we can help you get the appropriate treatment for it. It is likely we will advise you to book an appointment within the next few days in case of minor emergencies. These minor emergencies may include broken or loose braces, discomfort caused by metal appliances, and minor toothaches.

Temporary Solutions for Discomfort

It is natural to be impatient while waiting to see the orthodontist to fix a broken bracket or bent wire. There are a few things patients can try at home to help alleviate their symptoms until they can be seen.

There is a general ache associated with the wearing of traditional braces, however, there shouldn't be extreme pain. After each appointment, there can be an increased level of discomfort as the wires are tightened and adjusted to maintain proper pressure to keep the teeth moving to their appropriate positions.

With discomfort and pain, it can affect the patient's ability to brush and floss properly. If this is the case, use a warm saltwater mouthwash. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory meds can be taken as well. If the level of pain is to the point of being unbearable then by all means, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Patients should remember that while pain and discomfort are part of the package with traditional braces, those sensations will increase after each appointment as the teeth and jaw have to adjust to the newly applied pressure.

What NOT to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

You should treat any oral injury with urgency. Oral issues can be exacerbated over time and become much worse - sometimes irreversible - if not acknowledged and monitored, which is why we ask you to make an appointment within a few days of the initial discomfort to have appliances examined and repaired.

The worst thing you can do for an orthodontic emergency is to ignore it.

Because of the complexity and sensitivity of dental health, leaving appliances damaged for excessive periods of time can disrupt the complex treatment plan and set us back on the journey to reaching your optimal oral health.

Seeking Professional Help ASAP

In case of serious orthodontics emergencies, you should contact All About Orthodontics for an emergency appointment as soon as possible. The sooner we act, the better the outcome will be for you.

Severe orthodontic emergencies may include trauma or injury to your teeth, mouth, or jaw, any infections or swelling in your teeth, mouth, or jaw, and unbearable pain and discomfort. These issues should not be ignored or dismissed, and we can help address them during your appointment with us.

Tips for Managing Orthodontic Emergencies

Oftentimes, trauma or injury to your teeth might be caused due to some external event (such as injury or trauma to the site), and the condition of your orthodontics can make the situation worse.

Infections or swelling in the mouth or face are also results of other complications, and it may be exacerbated by your braces or metal appliances.

Ultimately, our professionals can quickly determine the cause of unbearable pain or discomfort after examining your mouth.

In case of any of these major orthodontics emergencies, please give us a call right away - that is what emergency orthodontics is for.

Preventive Measures

While emergencies are frequently out of our control and manageable when they happen, it is smart to take necessary precautions while you have orthodontic appliances to avoid any injuries and emergencies.
•  We urge that when you play sports or do any strenuous physical activity, wear a mouth guard. This can potentially save you from intense pain and keep you on track throughout your treatment plan.
•  And, as always, it is incredibly beneficial to maintain effective and consistent oral hygiene, as doing so ensures that your teeth and gums are more equipped to handle even the toughest emergencies.
•  You should familiarize yourself with the names and parts of the appliances that you've been prescribed in order to identify specific parts that are broken or out of place.

Call Us in Warren or Southgate, MI if You Are Having an Orthodontic Emergency!

Please do not hesitate to call All About Orthodontics at 586-999-8818 if you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, whether it is major or minor. We are always here to help.
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